My name is Rebeca and I’m passionate about creating ideas, concepts and designing projects that I will bring to life. Learning is another thing that makes me happy and I feel my heart always opened to new adventures. I love improving the world we all live in by contributing with my work, even though that means adding a small detail.

Mostly, I’ve been working for publishers, starting my career as a designer in Norma Comics, where I stayed more than 10 years because I enjoyed the work I was doing there, designing and laying out many different stories. Nowadays, I’m a freelance graphic designer searching for new territories to explore, as for example apps design, one of my last and rewarding works.

The first app I have create is Goddess Moon Dial (ios), a project I setted up from the ground helped by my programmer and friend Marie. This adventure has been important to me because, for the first time, I was bringing something I really care about to life (Goddess Moon Dial is an app that helps women from all around the globe to get in touch with their own cyclicity by linking technology, wisdom and menses),  and also because I learned, step by step, how to take an idea and create the environment where the seed would blossom, as for designing, drawing, animations, even social network. An adventure that is still going on (and you can buy in the apple store!)

Hence, my last experience as a freelance designer (search for my other projects in the web) has taught me that knowing or being in touch with what I really care is very important to me: what I feel about my product and why is significant to me, so I can give you some tips in this less explored territory if you needed to.

Thanks for reading this text and I hope you enjoy my works, at least,  as much as I do.


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